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Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

We support:

1.  A "Farm gate-to-Plate" system of food safety assurance in the production of poultry products.  This includes validated HACCP programmes throughout the production-marketing process.

2.  The accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases and sensitivity testing before birds are given antibiotics.

3. The viability of all aspects of the Canadian poultry enterprise.  This involves health surveillance and risk assessment to protect Canadian and export consumers and provide them with safe, high-quality poultry products.

4.  Bird welfare, by providing an optimum environment including fresh air, clean water, dry litter and adequate room so that they remain healthy and in a state of well-being.

5.  Prevention of diseases based on good management practices, biosecurity and hygiene during growth, production and transportation.

6.  Continuous progress of the poultry industry through education and research, which we source, develop and share with our clients, industry partners and colleagues.

Vision Statement

CAPV - ACVA will be the premium national resource for knowledge relating to health, welfare and food safety for the commercial poultry industry throughout Canada.

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